About Us

Do you need help losing weight?

Are you willing to finally give up your unhealthy lifestyle choices?

Are you looking for a medical professional to guide you on a healthy weight loss plan?

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XpressMedWeightLoss is a team of qualified medical service providers that will work with you on a healthy weight loss plan as well as give medical services in two convenient locations – Silver Spring and Laurel, Maryland.

Why Choose XpressMedWeightLoss ?

  • On-site physicians seven days a week
  • Accepts In-Network health insurance
  • On-site, no-appointment needed prescriptions, lab tests, and X-rays
  • Helps you achieve your weight loss goals safely and effectively

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It’s not just about losing weight. It’s losing those extra weight safely and effectively. Crash diets and starving yourself may pose more risks to your health than helping you resolve your weight issues.

No appointments are needed and most insurance plans are accepted.
This who we are – XpressMedWeightLoss – Fast. Convenient. Experienced.